Technology & Food Safety


As a convenience to our customers, Titan Cold offers iTraker, a secure Internet-based information service with real-time inventory status and order tracking. The online system provides our customers with 24/7 visibility to virtually all aspects of their account including inventory details, shipment status, order placement and custom on-demand reports. The iTraker inventory tracking uses bar code scanning to track and report warehouse activities.

Food Safety

Titan Cold Storage, Inc. is proud to be a PrimusGFS Certified food safety facility. The scope of PrimusGFS is focused on the food safety of fresh or minimum processed products from the argricultural sector which are designated for human consumption.
Over the last few years large U.S. Retailers and Food Service companies have pushed for auditing scheme(s) that are universally accepted worldwide. This drive for standardization of audit schemes created the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a push for auditing companies to benchmark their schemes to the GFSI standards, and compliance from food producers. "Once certified, accepted everywhere" is the GFSI vision that is now becoming a reality.

The approval of the PrimusGFS scheme helps move the produce industry one step closer to the desired goal of food safety global harmonization. The PrimusGFS scheme covers the scope of the supply chain from pre and post farm gate production and provides an integrated supply chain approach.


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